Kiwa: A feather light web framework for small but professional static websites.

Kiwa makes your life easier.

Building a website is easy in the first step, but difficult in the long run. Doing some Search Engine Optimizations, handling language versions and translations, and so on. For a lot of cases, even a CMS like WordPress would be too huge. So we build the smallest possible system with a maximum of possibilities.

URL handling

Kiwa builds URLs depending on your config. You can decide weather you want to add a language part to each URL or not and also if it should have a suffix or not. Linking from one page to another works always same, no matter how your URLs are defined.

Link handling

Adding a link to another page is really easy: You simply need to tell Kiwa the pages ID and it will create the link with your configured URL structure by its own.

Flexible templating

Pages are basically stored as phtml files. They can contain php as well as html.

Modern handling of assets and dependencies

Kiwa allows to add PHP dependencies from Packagist with the help of Composer and also to add JS and CSS dependencies from Node with the help of Yarn or NPM.

SEO and meta tags

Titles, Descriptions and other meta information are easy to add. You don't need to fear adding new language versions of a page.

Modern workflow

A website made with Kiwa can be versioned for example with Git and can be also deployed without pain.

Open source and free to use

Kiwa is published with a MIT licence. It's completely free to use. The source code can be found at BitBucket.

Symfony under the hood

Kiwa makes use of Symfony, a huge and bullet proof PHP framework. This makes it fast and secure.

Getting started.

Follow these steps to build your next website with Kiwa.

Creating a new project

Kiwa is made for the use with Composer. Be sure to get it at first.

Use your CLI and Composer to create a new website by running:

$ composer create-project kiwa/website-skeleton my-project

Change my-project by your needs.

Move to your project directory, for example by running:

$ cd my-project

Create your code repository, for example by running:

$ git init

By running the installation a lot of basic files will be created, for example an assets folder for all your asset files. Those files can be committed to your repository.

Creating the website

Everything you want to do can be done with the help of the command line tool, which is stored in the bin folder. It will help creating pages and more. To get more information, run

$ php bin/console

Running the website

To access the website from public, point your domain to the public directory so the index.php will be used.

To run the website in a local environment, run

$ php -S public/index.php

Open in your browser then.


These extensions are useful for the work with Kiwa.

Console Extension

The console extension makes it easy to create new pages, to validate the config, to define the URL structure and a lot more.

Add the console extension with the help of Composer:

$ composer require kiwa/console

Source: BitBucket

Sitemap Extension

The sitemap extension allows to create sitemap XML files. It will parse the whole website looking for pages, language versions and images.

Add the sitemap extension with the help of Composer:

$ composer require kiwa/sitemap

Source: BitBucket

Link Obfuscator Extension

The link obfuscator extension allows to create email and phone links with a maximum of security. The links will be encrypted and decrypted with the Rot47 algorithm.

Add the link obfuscator extension with the help of Composer:

$ composer require kiwa/link-obfuscator

Source: BitBucket

AMP Extension

The AMP extension helps creating an AMP version of your page.

This one is currently under development.

About us.

Who we are and why we build Kiwa.

A web framework made in Germany.

Kiwa has been build by Bit&Black, a small and independent company in southern Germany. It has been created because we had the need for a small system which allows a maximum of professional design. Which works in modern workflows as well!

We provide a wide range of Open Source libraries, feel free to have a look at them under

Need help with Kiwa?

If you have questions about Kiwa our need help building your website, feel free to get in contact with us. We love to plan and create new things and we're really sure that we may help your with your needs.

Get in contact

Want to participate? Have an issue?

Kiwa is open for merge requests! Feel free to help us by making Kiwa even better!

A good first step is to take a look for existing issues.

Tobias Köngeter
Kiwa fits perfectly our need in a small system that allows a professional design!

— Tobias Köngeter, CEO of Bit&Black