Kiwa: A feather-light web framework for professional static websites, written in PHP.

Kiwa makes your life easier.

Building a website is easy in the first step, but difficult in the long run. Doing some Search Engine Optimizations, handling language versions and translations, and so on. For a lot of cases, even a CMS like WordPress would be too huge. So we build the smallest possible system with a maximum of possibilities.

URL handling

Kiwa builds URLs depending on your config. You can decide weather you want to add a language part to each URL or not and also if it should have a suffix or not. Linking from one page to another works always the same, no matter how your URLs are defined.

Link handling

Adding a link to another page is really easy: You simply need to tell Kiwa the page ID, and it will create the link with your configured URL structure by its own.

Flexible templating

Pages are basically stored as phtml files. They can contain php as well as html.

Modern handling of assets and dependencies

Kiwa allows adding PHP dependencies from Packagist with the help of Composer and also to add JS and CSS dependencies from Node with the help of Yarn or NPM.

SEO and meta tags

Titles, Descriptions, and other meta information are easy to add. You don't need to fear adding new language versions of a page.

Modern workflow

A website made with Kiwa can be versioned, for example, with Git and can be also deployed without pain.

Open source and free to use

Kiwa is published with a MIT licence. It's completely free to use. The source code can be found at BitBucket.

Symfony under the hood

Kiwa makes use of Symfony, a huge and bulletproof PHP framework. This makes it fast and secure.

Stop wasting your time!

Static or dynamic

Most websites don't have dynamic content, they have static content that doesn't change. Why using React, Angular or Vue? They may slow down a website if their power isn't needed! Using server-side PHP and sending pure HTML to a browser has always been the fastest method in delivering content.

Editorial and Content Management System

Do you really need an Editorial System? Do you really need a Content Management System? Most websites have content don't change often and don't have more than one or two people managing the website. It's not necessary to use a huge system that needs databases, needs a lot of space, and is difficult to manage.

You need a smaller system

Using a system you don't need takes a lot of resources: it takes time, takes your attention, takes your money.

Kiwa provides all functions that are needed to set up and run a professional website. It doesn't offer a bit more — and that's enough.

Use Kiwa now to gain control over your website!

Getting started