About us.

Who we are and why we build Kiwa.

A web framework made in Germany.

Kiwa has been built by Bit&Black, a small and independent company in southern Germany. It has been created because we had the need for a small system which allows a maximum of professional design. Which works in modern workflows as well!

We provide a wide range of Open Source libraries, feel free to have a look at them under www.bitandblack.com.

Tobias Köngeter
Kiwa perfectly fits our need in a small system that allows a professional design!

— Tobias Köngeter, CEO of Bit&Black

Contact and Support.

Stay in contact

Follow us on Twitter to get informed about our developments.

If you need a personal contact, feel free to visit Bit&Black at Überkinger Straße 4, 70372 Stuttgart, Germany, call us under |||Zch%5Df%60%60%5Dhhdageeg, or drop us a mail at |||%3A%3F7%40o%3C%3AH2%5D%3A%40.

Need help with Kiwa? We're here to help!

Do you need help or have questions about Kiwa? Please take a look at the documentation at first, there are a lot of information in it.

If you need help building your website, feel free to get in contact with us. We love to plan and create new things, and we're really sure that we may help you with your needs.

Want to participate? Found a bug?

Kiwa is open for merge requests! Feel free to help us by making Kiwa even better!