Assets, Javascripts and Stylesheets

Handling assets is very easy in Kiwa. Per default, Kiwa makes use of Node and Webpack Encore, but there are a lot of other possibilities.

Table of contents

Storing assets

Per default, all files inside the public folder can be accessed from outside. This means that all assets like js files, css files, images, and fonts should be placed here.

If you are working with Node, with SASS/SCSS or similar technologies, you can place your raw assets inside the assets folder. When creating the build files, they should be stored in the public folder.

Webpack Encore

Kiwa works very well with Webpack Encore; that's why the Website Skeleton comes with it in its default configuration.

Webpack Encore is a wrapper around webpack and makes it easier to handle. The main configuration file is called webpack.config.js and stored in the root folder.